Alexandria Nicole

House of Aluxandria was created by Alexandria Nicole.

Alexandria has always had a love for hair and the beauty industry. She fell in love with hair extensions at age 14 when her brother helped her purchase her first 12, 14, and 16 inch Brazilian hair. Throughout the years she explored with hair extensions always discovering different lengths, colors, and vendors. She was able to determine what was good versus bad quality of hair. This led her to wanting to begin her own extensions services to provide the best quality hair.

Why Choose HOA extensions?

My grandmother always said "if your hair is nice and your shoes look nice everything else in between will fall into place." Here at House of Aluxandria we understand that hair is what makes a woman feel beautiful. Finding good quality hair can be difficult. We have tested many different vendors to find the best hair on the market. As of right now we only offer straight and body wave. We plan on expanding very soon to provide our customers with the best luxurious wigs, micro links, and colored hair.

I want to inspire women to be cool, confident and fearless. While also providing quality hair extensions and customer service."

~ Alexandria